Our History

Twistaroma is a laboratory specialized in the characterization of volatile compounds and antioxidants. Our laboratory was created in 2011 and is currently based in Illkirch-Graffenstaden. The company originates from the meeting of two theses. One on antioxidants in beer, conducted by Céline Leitao and carried out at the IPHC (Leitao, 2011). The other on the aromas of the wine by Damien Steyer, carried out at the INRA of Colmar (Steyer, 2011).

Notre Company

Our laboratory offers a characterization service for volatile and/or bioactive compounds such as antioxidants in all types of liquid or solid matrices in various industries such as food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical. These analyses are carried out using our own innovative analytical solutions. Our expertise and experience allow us to respond to all types of requests.


Why choose us ?


Dynamic team


Customized expertise


Committed to green chemistry


10 years of experience


Our Competences

Experts in microextraction of volatile compounds (SPME-SBSE)
Experts in the characterization of antioxidant compounds
Interpretation of chromatographic data (R, Python, SQL)
Quantification of volatile compounds in food and cosmetic matrices


Our Assets

A unique database
The use of tailor-made software for Big Data processing
An analytical park with several innovative couplings
Comprehensive GC and LC profiles